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 Iran Medical Tourism



It has been several years that, Iran became main travel destination for health seeker and beauty surgery. the number of health/beauty travelers was incredibly high during the years of 2016/2017.


Why Iran quickly turned into hub of health tourism in the middle east!?

There were two main reasons why lots of people traveling to Iran for surgeries:

1- exchange conversion, due to the bad Iran economy, the value of IRR in compare to all other currencies drop down, and it made it affordable for other nationalities to pay all the expenses and be satisfied. 

2- lots of expert doctors. Iranian surgent are among the top doctors in the world, the quality and expertise can be compared with most of Top surgent in the world.

What we can do for you!?

we have amazing cooperation with high tech clinics and hospitals, as well as specialist doctors, so we can manage your appointment, provide a translator for all duration of your case, we manage everything from your arrival to departure, you just need to be relaxed and think of getting better and healthy and more beautiful. 

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